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How We Get You Accepted To Your Dream Schools


How is it possible that 98% of our students get into their top-choice college? Well, the answer is quite simple - start and plan early! (Literally, like today!) Almost all of our students go to private international schools or boarding schools, in other words, they all have some kind of counseling support from their schools or an assigned school counselor ready to help. Then, where do Y.L.C. consultants jump in?


What differentiates us from school counselors is that we are paid, private consultants with years of experience and expertise in college admissions. Our job is to assist prospective students in navigating the complex process and maximizing students' chances of getting accepted to their top-choice schools. Not only do we care about your grades and standardized test scores, but we pay extra close attention to your interests, strengths and weaknesses, and character.  We guide you along the journey to finding the best way to tell your story and showcase your skills. 


Remember this, the entire college admissions process is to help a student get to know oneself better. What colleges truly wish to discover is how well you know yourself. What initiatives will you take with the knowledge obtained in college? What aspirations do you have and want to achieve? These questions may all seem daunting to a junior or senior at the moment, but we can assure our students that every one of them will have the time and confidence to discuss and find their answers through our counseling program. We are not just consultants but mentors who will help you navigate through the complex path of secondary education and the college admissions process.