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顧問&師資 Consultants & Staffs

Michelle - Director/Senior Consultant 

Graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with a bachelor’s degree in Economics within two and a half years, YLC Director, Michelle, is a perfectionist and sets expectations high. She has been building her growing reputation through hard work, 24/7 availability, and client advocacy. She has perfected the art of teaching and training for young learners as well as admissions counseling for high school seniors. Leading a team of experienced teachers and consultants, Michelle has all the resrouces to provide her clients. She ensures that the information parents and students need is always available and up-to-date, and that no client shall ever be left without immediate access to us.

Ann - Instructor

Ann got accepted into a number of well-known universities in the United States, including UC-Berkeley, UCLA, and Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. She then continued her studies at dental school. As a South Eastern Conference All-Academic Award recipient, Ann has been featured in the local newspaper. In high school, Ann was a member of National Honors Society, a first chair player in the Symphony band, and a board member of Business Professionals of America (BPA). In college, Ann was the co-founder of the Chinese Calligraphy Club and an active member of Key Club. Ann is a passionate teacher who specializes in standardized tests (SAT & SAT II Subjects). Above all, Ann knows how to help students plan their extracurricular activities early on and increase their chances of getting into their ideal colleges. 


► Old SAT Score: 2300; SAT II Math Level 2: 800; SAT II Chemistry: 800; SAT II Biology: 800

Teaching Subjects:

► SAT Reading, SAT Writing/Language, SAT II: Biology, Chemistry and  Math Level 2

William - Instructor

William majored in Computer Science at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. While in collge, he was passionate about tutoring high schoolers in subject areas such as physics, math, and chemistry. Throughout the years, William has accumulated valuable teaching experiences and is constantly improving his individualized teaching methods through observing students’ responses to in-class materials and analyzing each students’ performances on standardized tests. Before every lesson, William spends time making quizzes and interactive exercises that are specifically designed to ensure students’ understandings. As a committed teacher, William is confident that his lessons will not only facilitate his students in maximizing their scores, but also prepare them for their future endeavors.


► ACT English: 35; ACT Science 35; SAT II: Math Level 2: 800, Chemistry: 800 and, Biology: 790

Teaching Subjects:

► SAT Math, SAT Writing/Language, SAT Reading; SAT II: Biology, Chemistry and  Math Level 2