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The Team

Our Philosophy

We all have potential, and we simply need the “right” opportunities to unleash our potential and “effective” training to cultivate those talents and skills.

"At Y.L.C. we redefine learning through
innovation, practicality, and efficiency." 



Who We Are

Y.L.C. Consulting Co. is a Taipei-based admissions guidance and learning enrichment company established in 2016. Y.L.C. is the trusted source for parents searching for high-quality supplementary education services and guidance in applying to selective universities in the U.S. and Canada.

Our motto: Advancement, always, in all ways.


What We Do

At Y.L.C. we help each student make the most out of his or her education by cultivating a love of learning and empowering them to make informed educational choices. From elementary education to college admissions counseling, all of our programs and services are designed to provide each student with the best opportunity to thrive within their current education environment and beyond. 

We work with each individual to lay the critical foundations of learning so students can discover new possibilities and act on them. We challenge students to strive for independence and engage in their passions, creating their own legacies and finding success in their chosen fields.